Dear future me

When you go through challenges it is your job to be the vision of someone else’s future self to challenge their own present practices. Like with this infertility journey that I’ve been on with my husband. If anything is to come out of it I must share what I now realise with someone else who is just thinking about having children in their younger years. I would say don’t think that you have all the time in the world to get your body ready to have children. If you need to lose weight do it. If you need to have treatment find out early. The one premium that you need most of all when it comes to infertility is time. They talk of the time clock. Well, for women especially this is a very real thing to consider. Yes, medical science has advanced but you want to be able to do things as naturally as possible. Not only for your sanity but also for your bank balance. In the UK once you reach a certain age you don’t have access to NHS treatment anymore. Now I would never advocate doing anything before it’s time. Don’t rush out of fear. Just stay mindful about what state, physically, mentally and socially you’ll need to be in when you start trying to have children. That will govern what you do today. Do what you can now in order to be in the best state when you are ready.

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