I’ve often spent time praying for an event to happen only to then be disappointed. I’ve started wondering, is God even hearing me? What happened to if you bind it on earth, so shall it be in heaven, or whatever you ask for in my name so shall it be? Is it that these scriptures are set for some and not for others? Then I remembered that God cannot lie or change His mind. I have come to the conclusion that there has never been anything wrong with the source, I need to look closer to home….me!! I’ve been taking a look at what Faith means. It seems the level of my faith determines the kind of breakthroughs experienced. If I want to experience more then I must trust God on a different level. In a nutshell, If I want the output of my prayers to be different then I need to change how I relate to God. My Faith can only increase when I know God more through His word.

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