Fix up

You know you’re in trouble when you are one of the only 2 Christians in your office and you react worse than everybody else. Today I emotionally responded to the antics of one of my colleagues, surprisingly the only other Christian in the office!! She didn’t do anything bad at all but my hormones caused me to react in a somewhat escalated fashion. I spent almost half the day not really talking to her which was rediculous because the person who was actually part of the argument was totally fine. Thank God I came to myself and stopped being a moody Martha. I’d actually managed to waste half a whole day at work being miserable….for nothing!! Im blaming PMS…..there can be no other logical reason! Today God showed me that I have to work on my attitude to conflict, be it minor or major. I must learn to see it for what it is in the moment then let go almost instantly. Life is far to short to waste holding on to a grudge….

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