Hug a human

I’d just finished doing a bit of a shop in the mall and so got in the lift to the car park. I was in the lift with this gentleman who started coughing. My first thought was “Lord, please don’t let me catch anything”. Then the gentleman apologised and said he had hayfever. I started letting him know about the tablets I take but it was difficult to make myself clear with the limited time we had between floors, so I held the door open so that I could clearly describe the brand I was talking about. I decided that although I didn’t know this person that he was worth interrupting my day for. Then the unthinkable happened….the man actually leaned over and gave me the kindest hug for trying to help him. This almost never happens between adult humans these days. An innocent exchange of appreciation with no agenda. I will probably never see him again, who knows if he’ll even remember which tablets to pick up but above all things it was a beautiful moment. One that shifted the state of my day. Reminding me of the kind in humankind.

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