It is well

Don’t you just wish sometimes that you could accomplish a consistent way of looking at life. To always feel blessed, happy, joyful, peaceful and hopeful. I feel like over the last few years I’ve been up, down, then up again for a bit longer only to plumit in to a pit of despair. Is being in a state of wellbeing a choice or is it based on what’s going on around me. I have found that when I apply Faith, I’m making the choice to live out all that God has prepared for me to live well. I need to make this my go to practice until it becomes natural. We are now starting to look in to planning IVF and other treatments and I feel so sure that this is God ordained but in the same thought I feel sad, sad that we have to do things this way. I know this is an attack, an attack against our progress. I pray for the strength to seek patience, to be loving not moody. To trust that God is in this process. We won’t fail.

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