It’s still hot!

This may not mean much to anyone else in the world that has seasons but if you’re over here in the UK, this is news worthy. I haven’t worn socks to bed for 7 weeks!! Our heating bill has reduced but because we have the fan on ALL the time, our elec bill has gone up instead. I have approx three different summer outfits which I’ve now had to get creative with so I’m not always wearing the same thing, it never seems worth it to go ham on summer clothes since it’s cold and rainy 90% of the year. This may be unusual but I’m thankful. People are in better spirits. My skin is glowing, I can enjoy my holiday clothes, before I go on holiday. The sun is shining, I will not complain and scare it away….well…maybe it could just rain a little bit so that our grass can stop looking like hay!!!

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