My Words

I have spent many years trusting in the power of words alone. If you speak it then it shall be so…..right? I’m coming to realise that words alone are not enough. They may take you so far but if you don’t BELIEVE in those words then as soon as what you said is challenged you’ll give up. I will only be able to take a word I don’t believe in as far as it’s first challenge opposition. I tell my husband that I love him every day but that means nothing if at the first sign of annoyance or irritation I respond without patience or kindness. Words are seeds, their power is dependant on where they are sewn. When Jesus speaks the parable of the sewer, He speaks of what happens to seeds placed in different environments…The wayside, stoney places, among thorns and then good ground (Matthew 13). Your belief is the root that holds those words in place so it can’t be moved. Today I pray that the words I confess will be rooted in me. I will be a mother. I will be a great wife. I will be a successful business owner. I will allow for my life to minister to others. I will believe in what I declare. The power of words declared will have more than surface power that merely looks good. I will profess, rooted in belief and will see the full manifestation of my declaration.

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