Negative state

I bumped in to someone today while out shopping. We used to go to the same gym for ages. We don’t actually know each other by name, I think it’s too late to ask eachother now! We were catching up and it seemed that every single thing that was going on in her life was bad (according to her) no partner, no children at 41, no job…the list was endless. I tried everything, you know, talking about never giving up, staying positive, being strong, looking at the bright side….absolutely nothing worked. In the end I looked down at my phone and said I had to get on! I wanted so badly to leave her encouraged but all the negative experiences had arrested her mind, heart and soul. Her entire perspective was driven by what had happened before. She didn’t trust anyone anymore. It’s not the way to live, I believe great and wonderful things could have happend in her presence and she wouldnt even see it. The key is to not let your perspective ever reach this point. Learn to live a life of gratitude, in that you will always find something to celebrate.

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