Offer accepted

My brother and I decided to set up a property investment company late last year 2017. We attended one of those property courses which they set up to give you some information but also sell you more courses. We knew their game so we got as much information as we could and bolted before the end to avoid the sales pitch. From then we’ve just taken small steps. Setting out a strategy, picking out a name, viewing properties, reading books, listening to podcasts. Now 9 months later, (almost like we’ve been pregnant lol), we have now delivered….we’ve put an offer on a property and it’s been accepted!!! Woohoo!!! Now, Im fully aware that we’ve got a way to go but this is a milestone. It was a scary step to take because it’s a significant amount of money and the plan is to make more so, it’s a leap, all be it a well researched and calculated one. I’m just trusting God will make a way for this whole process to move smoothly. Mountains will be levelled, crooked paths made straight. He will give us the wisdom to make the right decisions and lead us well. I’m excited to be on the path to financial freedom. Running through open doors this year….

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