Online Shopping

Ok, so, I’ve just wasted 3 hours of my life that I will NEVER get back. From nowhere I got this desire to buy clothes. I’m going on holiday next month so I need some summer outfits, including an extra bathing suit (not like I can even swim!). So I went online. I went through every one of those 25 + pages, picked some items, put them in my shopping bag. Was quite proud of myself as I’d also picked up some accessories (My favourite), went to the checkout and realised on second thought I actually didn’t like ONE item! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I felt defeated. I decided to give it another 30 minutes, re-grouped, re-focused and then went back in. I decided that this online shopping would not beat me! I wanted to indeed waste my money on items that I didnt really need in pursuit of fashion…Let’s just say I made the effort and of course purchased a number of items that are now hanging in my already full wardrobe…..oh dear..

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