Reality Bites!

Now if you’re like me you’ll love a good reality show. Following intently the inflated lives of others. Now don’t judge me, but I have watched the entire series of Teen Mum 2 since the very beginning. I’ve been there through the ups and downs, the fights and the make-ups. Today as I watched a young mum complain to the police about the conduct of her own mum, I thought to myself….what are you doing with your life?!? I started to realise that I’ve managed to get dangerously close to watching someone else’s life at the expense of living my own! These programmes, although strangely addictive, give you the impression of a life lived but in retrospect I’m stationary whilst someone else is on the move. Me thinks it’s time to evaluate my schedule. My minutes are valuable. I need to spend them wisely…..⏳

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