Sales Pitch

Something Ive struggled with in the past is self promotion. I dont know how to sell my worth. I get all embarrassed, see it as boasting and then end up selling myself short. Like today I was invited to attend a high level meeting at work to ‘shadow’ the meeting. Kind of observe how meetings are conducted at a director level. It came to the point at the beginning of the meeting where everyone goes round the table and gives their name and a little but about what they do. Want to know what I said….. “I do facilities”…..Errrrr, that’s not quite right. I work on the management and performance of the facilities contract that takes care of the entire national estate! I realise now it’s ok to celebrate what you do. It doesn’t mean that you think that your better than anyone else. Just that you recognise your own personal contribution and that you are aware of its value. I know now that I need to have my ‘this is what I do’ sentence ready going forward. What I do matters and that’s ok.

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