Still standing

I was listening to this really interesting interview today with Gabrielle Union about her experiences with infertility. She mentioned how so many of us are hiding in plain site about the issues we are dealing with on a day to day, month to month, fertile window to fertile window basis. Ive come to realise that we hide our pain for fear of being seen as broken, less than, to be pittied. When in actual fact we should be celebrated for our resilience. The strength alone it takes to come back from a miscarriage and try again is a true reflection of strength and tenacity. To face doctor reports stating that you can’t conceive on your own, that time is ticking away and that you’re running out of eggs and still not lose your mind is a credit to your character. I rejoice in the woman that I’ve developed in to. My Faith has been tried, my joy stretched but I am not broken. By His Grace, I remain standing firm….sure of the truth…’s not over until we win….

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