Stock Market

I wonder what would happen if people went public and put themselves on to the stock market. What would we use to judge our worth and wealth. Would it be based on celebrity, charity accomplishments, money made per hour, power, influence, physical strength? How about the content of someones character, should that not be a measure of your stock value? I suppose we do kind of put ourselves on the stock market when we function on social media. We use the number of likes, posts and shares as our measure of wealth. Subscribe to me, look what I have, product endorsements leading to partnerships. I subscribe to this comedian on YouTube. On one video she had 25 million views. People had been watching her 10 minute video 25 million times. That’s some stock I wouldn’t mind investing in!! Now we all know that the sock market moves in cycles. Although there will be periods of boom, there is also the inevitable crash. Now any investment should be seen for its long term value. Something you stick with through highs and lows because the trajectory is always usually going up. But in our human stock market instead of sticking we’ve taken on the posture of get rid first, we unsubscribe….unfollow. Your only as good as your last post, all previous efforts forgotten. Tossed in to the fire like rubbish. I’ve often wondered what would have become of those that have experienced these downfalls. I feel like we’ve all missed out on seeing the better version of who they could have become…I guess we’ll never know……

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