Wash your hands

I woke up this morning and caught a revelation from the bottle of hand wash sitting on our bathroom sink. I looked at the bottle and wondered where I would be when we came to the end of it. Will I be pregnant by then? Will my husband be in his dream job? Will we be getting ready to buy our new house? Where will I be on my journey to success? I was listening to a really interesting podcast today talking about a book written by Kevin Kruse on Time Management. We have 1440 minutes a day each. No matter the state of your health, wealth, status, we ALL have the same amount of minutes available to us right now. The difference is experienced by how that time is managed. I must value my minutes. This time is my currency, I want to spend it wisely. My husband and I have spent a great amount of time dealing with fertility challenges, we spoke today about IVF and we both have such a peace about everything. We have given the allocation of time in to the hands of God. We will not waste our time. God has put us on the path of success and succeed we will…

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