Watch it

I’ve started to realise just how fundamental it is for me to watch what I let in to my heart. I was binge watching this series about single 20somethings navigating the dating world. There was about 7 episides and each one was filled with sex and bad language and I’ve just been feeling some how for the last week or so. My mind and my thoughts have been affected. My ears, my eyes, these are the windows to my soul. In order to live the life that God has prepared for me, I must be vigilant. Now, there are some programmes I can watch that others would be affected by, same goes for music. Really it’s about knowing what your boundaries are. I want to live in peace, have my mind free to make the decisions that will see me live my best life. If that means that there are some things that I can’t watch anymore….so be it….I watch too much TV anyway!

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