When we don’t get what we want when we want it, it’s so easy to sulk just like a child. If your child asks to eat cheesecake for breakfast, as a good parent you would say no. Regardless of your child crying, screaming, rolling around on the floor, as a good parent you would be confident in your decision to say NO, eat your cereal. The child may not understand why but eventually hunger will take over and they will eat what’s in front of them. Now as a parent you didn’t do this because you don’t love your child, its the opposite. Because of your love you will make decisions that are in their best interests, in spite of their short term wants. You see, my God sees what is ahead of us. We want children now but God knows best. So today on another cycle day 1, I celebrate that I have a Father in heaven that has crafted a life to be lived in my favour. I have great expectations and although this is not how I thought it would go this month, I know that it will all work out well for us.

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