It is well with me

The word of God is my good news for bad news. Today I called up the doctors to get my blood test results. I requested tests to give us a baseline on my fatility status. When I called the doctors office the receptionist said that I had some of the results back. One was normal and the other abnormal but she couldn’t give me the details…really!! So instead she arranged for a doctor to call me back. Baring in mind one of these tests is a HIV test, another to test my egg level, I was anxious. God says that we are to be anxious for nothing. That He is the author and finisher. In the midst God asked in whose report will I believe. I was comforted and semi sure of a God result. I’ve still got some growing to do in regards to wholeheartedly trusting God….I’m not there yet but I’m heading in the right direction. After all of that those scary tests were not even back yet and the results of my other levels were not that bad either. I’m learning, with each encounter, to remember that He is for me. God has planned the best for me and my family…it is well with us.

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