P&T Mindset

The two most important entities that God has blessed us with, in this world are People and Time. People because they cannot be replaced and Time because you will never get it back. Our attitude in life needs to be centered around how we treat people and what we do with our time. The people in my life are just so beautiful. I value each and every one of them. From the ones Ive known all my life to the strangers I’ll encounter in the future. I appreciate their good qualities and even the bad. The unique space that they take up in my life brings both a quality and diversity. My time is precious. It’s finite and non refundable. I don’t know how much of it I have so every single second counts. It sounds funny but I used to judge people who would buy chopped up onions and veg at a premium like they were wasting money. When in actual fact they were just valuing their time. I won’t always get it right but I’m going to do my best to make decisions in life that take both people and time in to consideration. I can’t see how I can go wrong with this mindset.

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