Waiting at the table

I was reminded today of a video that I saw a while back about eating at the table. A man was seated at the table, people kept getting served before him and he just didn’t understand why. He started to get upset so he went to the counter to complain. The waitress then responded and said that the reason why his order was taking so long was because what he ordered was special. He didn’t order off the menu like every one else. It’s the same when we allow the Holy Spirit to move on our behalf. What we are asking for is something out of the regular. My husband and I have been sitting at this table, waiting for our miracles. We have witnessed and celebrated with those that have received theirs. Quietly asking God ….what about us? God however has not forgotten us. He is preparing for us that which was predestined and instigated by the Holy Spirit. When our plates arrive, it will all be worth it…

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