Did I hear her right?

Bit of an interesting time at church today during day 2 of the women’s conference. During the 2pm session, Pastor Fola was speaking about what it takes to be Great. Really powerful presentation of God’s word. Then Pastor started praying for women who were pregnant or were believing God for the fruit of the womb. So women who are pregnant were invited to the alter for prayer. I remained in my seat praising God and worshipping. Then I swear I heard her make a call to all women trusting. I opened my eyes and saw that there were more women at the alter so I figured I would go up. Immediately as I arrived at the alter with my eyes closed and my hands lifted up oil was poured on my forehead and I was prayed for. I was just thanking God then someone tapped me on my shoulder and said that Pastor is calling you to the front. I was so amazed and thankful that God had a word for me. Pastor Fola prayed for me and I fell to my knees just in praise and adoration of what God was doing through me. I then got up and went to my seat, my whole face stained with tears, not of sadness but thanksgiving because I now knew that my situation had changed. Now after service, 2 different women came up to me and said congratulations!! It was after the second one that I realised people may have got the impression that I was one of the ladies that went up for the first prayer…ie the pregnant ladies! I’m not looking forward to explaining my way out of this but I thank God. This is my sign. This is God preparing me for what is just about to happen….I’m sure of it.

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