Pay Attention

As usual I spent most of my day today researching IVF videos on YouTube. Everyone however has been talking about a recent documentary about R Kelly being shown in the US. Of course we don’t get to see it here in the UK!! šŸ™„ It’s all coming to light now, how he has abused so many young girls and still doing so up until today. The thing is, I was such a big fan and I remember there were rumours but I ignored them because I liked the music….can you imagine! People were saying that these are just lies designed to take down the black man and I bought it. I had to apologise to God because it’s made me realise just how important it is to PAY ATTENTION! Don’t just move by your feelings….listen. I look back, I remember the lyrics, it’s just so obvious now. I pray for these young ladies, may they find peace and safety away from this evil. I pray for our future as a community. May we realise evil in our midst early and not allow it to consume our lives for the sake of enjoyment…I know that I have been changed, I pray the same for our generations to come

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