Yes, I have read the book. Review: I enjoyed it but the content was a framed truth, with emphasis on the frame…

I am however talking about the choice you make to become what you’ve prayed for. Now, scripture says that as long as you believe, then it has been received Matt 7:7-8. Therefore, Since the word is true, God has heard my requests and has granted the desires of my heart Psalm 37.

So what is there left to do then?

Well, there’s likely to be a bunch of waiting! In that waiting there will also be time for preparation. An opportunity to become what, or who we want to be, ahead of its arrival.

I’m going to start acting like the mother I want to be. Sorry friends, family and work colleagues, you will be my ginipigs. For my professional advancement, I will conduct myself as if I own a worldwide conglomerate, whilst taking minutes and updating registers. I want to be love, so I’ll show it, have Faith so I’ll be Faithful. I want to be open to trying new things, flexible for change. Daring. Bold!

Yes, I will become the me that I aught to be….now.

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