No More!

I’m giving no more traction to companies that are offensively racist for the sake of promotional tweets and Insta rants.

I do not accept their false apologies, I will not advertise their names, I will silently boycott until they realise that we cannot be used for the sake of a sales margin.

Every one of these companies is a part of the problem in this country and the very reason why hooligans feel like they can chant monkey noises at players, why our youth are singled out as troublemakers by those in authority, why it is still not ‘normal’ to see a face of colour present mainstream TV programmes.

These companies are being racially offensive on purpose. These are not mistakes. They are perpetually feeding the myth that it is ok to use people of colour for profit.

Let’s no longer be fooled, the apology is written alongside the ad campaign.

No matter what, I am sure of it, we will rise above this all..enough is enough!!!

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