New Chapter

I just spent the last few days in sadness. I allowed the pain of all my challenges to get to me and found myself in a spiral of despair and self pity.

Somehow I managed to convince myself that I was justified to feel that pain and that somehow it was the only way to be. I was acting like, if I show God just how much it hurt, it would all somehow change, but that is never the way it works.

God does not react to how we feel, He moves according to His will because in that we will find our victory.

I spent this whole time waiting for joy. It was like I was standing next to the well, with the bucket in my hand, needing water, but still waiting for the rain to fall!! God had already given me all I needed to access joy. It’s with me, it’s in me.

I will draw from this well, that will never run dry. In that, I will find the strength to run the course.

This sad chapter is over, a new chapter of jubilation and celebration is just beginning….

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