Awesome Blogger Award

Special thank you to my BBF (Blogging Best Friend) Ann Bradshaw for this unexpected nomination. Just so you know, I have already bought an outfit to collect my award in style, the speech is also already written! 😜 Thank you Ann for the commitment you’ve made to reflect Christ’s love, you have and will continue to inspire generations through His word.

Check out Ann’s blog at

So, here goes, questions answered:

1 What is your country of birth? England

2 Are you married or single? I’m married, currently in our 7th year.

3 Where do you write your blog? I usually write just before I go to sleep, so I’m usually in bed. I write notes on my phone, so sometimes I’ll get a thought and just make a note, this usually happens when I’m walking.

4 How long have you been writing? I’ve been writing pretty much every day since the beginning of 2006 when I started keeping a diary, so that’s about 13 years.

5 What made you start writing? I was stuck. I was looking for some sort of meaning to my life and figured I’d find it if I started writing down my thoughts. Kind of like pouring m&ms in to a bowl to find the blue ones, I wanted to pour myself out to make my purpose visible….I’m still looking for the blue ones!!!

6 How do you choose what to write about? I dont really choose, I just write about what’s going on with me at the time. It could be something personal or an observation, word from God. Life chooses for me.

7 What is your favourite food? Not possible to pick…food as a whole is my favourite! I do have a sweet tooth, I’m also partial to any food that involves some sort of melted cheese.

8 What does Christ mean to you? Everything. It is however a daily struggle between my thoughts aka my flesh and my knowledge of who Christ was, is and will be for me. He is the lover of my soul, I stand because He is holding me up.

9 Where you raised in a Christian household? Yes, but my family was not practising, i.e. we only went to church when my grandmother came to visit. I started going to church for myself after an encounter with my hairdresser. They prayed for me whilst I was getting a relaxer, the rest is history…. I continue to pray that all my family will have a personal relationship with Christ.

10 What name do you call God? Really depends. He is the great “I Am”, so He is what I need, when I need it.To me right now, He is my Father, my protector and comforter.

I know that I am now supposed to list a new set of questions and nominate my favourite bloggers but I just haven’t had the time to 1, write new questions and 2, read a variety of other people’s blogs to even nominate. I am currently hanging my head in shame and hope this does not disqualify me from winning!!! 😊

One thought on “Awesome Blogger Award

  1. Thank you so much for participating. I always look forward to reading your blogs, you are extremely honest about your journey, which I love.

    My sister is going through a similar situation and is now more open about her feelings. I told her about you and how you are finding strength through Christ. So you see, you blogging means a lot to others.

    I love your sense of humour! We will have a good laugh when we do meet 🙂

    I love the fact that life chooses what you write. It’s the same for me! Something always happens in my life, which prompts me to write.

    Love you my sister, keep on sharing your love for Christ and thank you for participating.

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