What seat.

The seat that Jesus occupies in our car of life determines the position He holds.

The boot. Jesus is hidden away. Someone that we store away until things become desperate. If your car is like my boot, you dont even remember half the stuff you have in it. I know that it’s all necessary but not for my every day. When we keep God in the boot, He is not a part of our daily lives.

Back seat. Jesus is in our lives but He has no control over the direction. We look back at Him every now and again through the review mirror. With the radio on, AKA the distractions of life, we rarely hear what He is saying.

Passenger seat. He is someone whom we have relationship with. Someone whom we listen to, maybe trust for directions and counsel but we still have the ultimate control of the wheel.

Drivers seat. I was like, “yes, this is where my Jesus is!”. Hand on the wheel. Full control over my life. But then I was reminded of the many times I’d become one of those back seat drivers. “Why are you making that exit?” “You’re going too fast….too slow!?” “Are you sure this is the best route?”

In Psalm 127:1 AMP it reads ” Unless the Lord builds, they labour in vain who build it Unless the Lord guards the city. The watchman keeps awake in vain. I now realise that if we dont allow God to take His rightful position in our lives, ALL that we do will be in vain.

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