Hard Questions

I’ve always felt some how about asking someone when they were going to start having children. More so now that we’ve been going through fertility challenges ourselves.

I was recently having a conversation with some friends at church. They are all currently single but they were saying that when they get married they are going to have kids straight away. They were like, it doesn’t make sense why anyone would wait or why they would want to get to know their partner first before having children.

Its almost like the possibility of infertility didn’t even cross their minds. Now to a point this is a good thing. I pray it’s not something they have to ever deal with but it was amazing that they didnt even consider that this could be going on in the lives of the couples they talk to about having children.

You see, I’ve learnt to tell stories. I’ve had people ask, so no children yet? I usually follow with a yeah I know, we better get it sorted soon? Like its something we haven’t been aching for in years. Brushing it off so that they don’t ask any more questions.

To be honest, I am blessed to have wonderful friends and family that put no pressure and only really speak of it when I raise it. Regardless, it still hangs in the air like a grey cloud ready to blow, when they ask that general question “so…..How are things with you?” It’s a general question but you cant help but wonder if it’s a cover up for what they really want to know…”Whats going on with you guys having children?” Oh how I wish sometimes that I had an answer…..

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