To be or not to be successful

Aim for excellence, then success will follow.

I’ve often struggled to picture what success looks like, so it’s been a little difficult to know when I have it. The thing is, if I choose to do everything with excellence, success becomes the by-product. Its like the aroma from a well cooked meal or the sound music makes……inevitable!

When you allow success to be that which comes out of an excellent approach, you dont find yourself chasing after cliche ‘success’ markers. The cars, big houses, jacuzzis in the garage. Yes, these are all nice to haves, but it doesn’t always mean success when you get them.

I look at my life as a whole, a complete circle with no breaks. Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit….. nourished. The choices I make to seek out the best to feed and fuel the whole will invariably lead me to live a successful life. Its encouraging to know that success is by choice, not chance.

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