Dream big, Live bigger

“Dont be a dreamer, be a doer!” Shonda Rhimes.

If dreams dont cause you in to action then all they become is your personal entertainment system. They become that thing you go to when you want to escape your reality. A moment where it ‘appears’ that an alternate future is possible.

If you want to ‘feel’ different about your life then keep dreaming. However if you want to actually LIVE a different life, wake up, and DO something!!

I’ve recently noticed just how much of a professional dreamer I have become. My dreams have become my happy place. That space I go to, so as to momentarily escape my reality. The problem is, my dreams have arrested my development. They feel so real that I almost don’t even need to make them happen. I’m in a sense, doing nothing!!

This has to change.

I’ve become frustrated with where I am because I’m not LIVING my purpose.

So…..the question now is how do I take steps towards my intended future. I’m thinking one foot in front of the other….right?

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