Happy New Year!

It’s a new year!!!

No, I haven’t posted early. I realise this is a message for January 1 2020 but like me, I’m guessing theres a bunch of people right now putting things off that they should be doing now in anticipation of day 1 of the new year.

The thing is, the first day of the year will feel exactly like today. Your eyes will pop open and in that moment you’ll realise that it is just as hard to start all those things that you want to do. That diet, that book you want to start, that event you want to plan.

I realise now that the only way my 2020 will be different is if the person that wakes up on January 1 is different. I have to be new first. I can make that decision today, I don’t have to wait for a calendar event. There are still 21 days left of this year. Plenty of time to work on the me that I want to embrace this new decade…..

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