Heal the world

To heal the nation, we must FIRST impact our own world.

For a great majority of us our sphere of influence is in our immediate environment.

Want to see the world know Jesus, talk to your neighbour, colleague.

Want to see no one ever go hungry…volunteer at your local food bank.

Want to live in a world where peace and love reigns, let that be what you promote with all your personal relationships.

Surely if we all influenced our immediate space for Christ, then we would see change everywhere.

I’m challenged to be the change I seek. Even when I don’t feel like it! I’ve noticed that I can be good with the words but true wisdom comes from doing what I know needs to be done.

Picture Perfect

Reminded to make something out of life’s broken pieces. Right now, it feels like my life is fractured. Pieces everywhere. Essentially my life looks like one of those really complicated puzzles. The parameters are done but all the bits in the middle are not. You see, there are broken pieces, but in Gods hands they fit together to make the whole.

I may feel broken but it is God that has made me whole. I may not always feel like it but I am beautifully and wonderfully made. It may not look like anything is in working order but God has worked it all out for my good.

This life, I realise, is a beautiful picture in the making. My hope is causing me to hear the song of my promised future. My Faith will give me the courage to dance to it today.


In pursuit of new life, are we abandoning our present? What are we missing? Why is it that when Jesus gave us the blueprint for prayer, He said that we are to ask the Lord to give us THIS day our daily bread (Matthew 6:11)?

I believe God gives us vision so we know what our destination is but its today were we’ll find what we need to get us there. So often I’ve been knee deep in my hopes for tomorrow that I’ve missed what’s been made available to me today. I’ve been robbed of my joy, sorrowful because I’m not living what I see promised for my future.

Purpose is in the whole journey. There is a bigger picture I don’t always see. A reason why I need to focus in on my today. I want to live a whole life in Christ. Today. Tomorrow. Always.


The greatest and most lasting change comes from evolution. Its not a dramatic, overnight event. A change, slowly over generations, will last and last.

It takes quite a bit of discipline to work hard at something that you may not fully enjoy. It’s a selfless act. Much like what Jesus did on the cross. He did not do it for His own benefit. It was an ultimate sacrifice for the good of Gods children from generation to generation.

I’m ready to be a part of historical change. The kind that our children’s children will read about as defining. I want to be a part of revolutionary change. Do my part. Live on and for purpose.

Not now…

God is not slow, He’s patient.

2 Peter 3:9 reads “The Lord is not slow at keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. Instead He is patient with you”

I find myself often screaming “I want it now!!!” I see myself sometimes like one of those children, stamping their feet and waving their fist, demanding at that unbearable pitch, “I want this now, give it to me!” We all know how we feel when we see parents dealing with a demanding child, we feel for them but we expect them as a parent to hold their ground and not give in. They know what’s best, right?

It pains me to say it but God knows best, even when I want what I want but I’m not getting it. He sees the end from my beginning. He is patient with me, even when tears are rolling down my face, He wipes them away, whispers “Not now” and holds me until I rest in the peace of His presence. He loves me beyond how I feel right now because He has prepared a sure future. This is the love that God has for all His children, including me.

Awesome Blogger Award

Special thank you to my BBF (Blogging Best Friend) Ann Bradshaw for this unexpected nomination. Just so you know, I have already bought an outfit to collect my award in style, the speech is also already written! ūüėú Thank you Ann for the commitment you’ve made to reflect Christ’s love, you have and will continue to inspire generations through His word.

Check out Ann’s blog at https://thevine.blog/author/annbshaw/

So, here goes, questions answered:

1 What is your country of birth? England

2 Are you married or single? I’m married, currently in our 7th year.

3 Where do you write your blog? I usually write just before I go to sleep, so I’m usually in bed. I write notes on my phone, so sometimes I’ll get a thought and just make a note, this usually happens when I’m walking.

4 How long have you been writing? I’ve been writing pretty much every day since the beginning of 2006 when I started keeping a diary, so that’s about 13 years.

5 What made you start writing? I was stuck. I was looking for some sort of meaning to my life and figured I’d find it if I started writing down my thoughts. Kind of like pouring m&ms in to a bowl to find the blue ones, I wanted to pour myself out to make my purpose visible‚Ķ.I’m still looking for the blue ones!!!

6 How do you choose what to write about? I dont really choose, I just write about what’s going on with me at the time. It could be something personal or an observation, word from God. Life chooses for me.

7 What is your favourite food? Not possible to pick‚Ķfood as a whole is my favourite! I do have a sweet tooth, I’m also partial to any food that involves some sort of melted cheese.

8 What does Christ mean to you? Everything. It is however a daily struggle between my thoughts aka my flesh and my knowledge of who Christ was, is and will be for me. He is the lover of my soul, I stand because He is holding me up.

9 Where you raised in a Christian household? Yes, but my family was not practising, i.e. we only went to church when my grandmother came to visit. I started going to church for myself after an encounter with my hairdresser. They prayed for me whilst I was getting a relaxer, the rest is history…. I continue to pray that all my family will have a personal relationship with Christ.

10 What name do you call God? Really depends. He is the great “I Am”, so He is what I need, when I need it.To me right now, He is my Father, my protector and comforter.

I know that I am now supposed to list a new set of questions and nominate my favourite bloggers but I just haven’t had the time to 1, write new questions and 2, read a variety of other people’s blogs to even nominate. I am currently hanging my head in shame and hope this does not disqualify me from winning!!! ūüėä

Letting go of the wheel

It’s been a while. I haven’t posted in months. Not to say that I’ve had nothing to write about, let’s just say I was awaiting the outcome of an event before I put finger to smart phone keypad!!

The thing is, the event is now over, it didnt work out how I wanted it to and I’ve spent the last week devastated, defeated and angry at God, the world and myself!

So, what changed? Well, I realised that I’d been planting my Faith in the wrong places. My Faith was in the plans I made, the people who said it would work, the “signs” I was on the right path‚Ķ.everywhere but God. So when these events/plans failed, my Faith went with them. I was left empty and broken.

Today, I made the decision to consciously root my Faith in Christ. To bring all my desires back to the real source. It’s no longer about what I can do, its who He is! I’ve let go of the wheel and taken the back seat, Jesus is in control.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a work in progress. I catch myself back seat driving every now and again but I cant go back to who I was. God said that He’s got this‚Ķall I have to do is believe‚Ķ.right?