New Chapter

I just spent the last few days in sadness. I allowed the pain of all my challenges to get to me and found myself in a spiral of despair and self pity.

Somehow I managed to convince myself that I was justified to feel that pain and that somehow it was the only way to be. I was acting like, if I show God just how much it hurt, it would all somehow change, but that is never the way it works.

God does not react to how we feel, He moves according to His will because in that we will find our victory.

I spent this whole time waiting for joy. It was like I was standing next to the well, with the bucket in my hand, needing water, but still waiting for the rain to fall!! God had already given me all I needed to access joy. It’s with me, it’s in me.

I will draw from this well, that will never run dry. In that, I will find the strength to run the course.

This sad chapter is over, a new chapter of jubilation and celebration is just beginning….

Walking Distance

Simple story. For weeks I’ve been saying that I can’t walk to swimming lessons because it would take me 40 minutes. I was so sure, even though I’ve driven there multiple times, that it would take me 40 minutes.

Today I decided to do it anyway it took me about 20 minutes!! Half the time I thought it would, can you imagine!

This is a lesson. Just when I think that something is beyond what I can do, at that moment, I will decide to do it anyway. I just may be pleasantly surprised! 😮😊


Two people waiting outside the bakery. One sees the bagels, goes in and joins the queue. The other one sees the long queue and keeps on walking. Who was right?

For me it was the one that saw the bagels, and not just because I like baked goods!

That person SAW what was good and did what was necessary to get it i.e wait in that queue. This person will eventually enjoy that bagel, the other one will only go hungry!

No More!

I’m giving no more traction to companies that are offensively racist for the sake of promotional tweets and Insta rants.

I do not accept their false apologies, I will not advertise their names, I will silently boycott until they realise that we cannot be used for the sake of a sales margin.

Every one of these companies is a part of the problem in this country and the very reason why hooligans feel like they can chant monkey noises at players, why our youth are singled out as troublemakers by those in authority, why it is still not ‘normal’ to see a face of colour present mainstream TV programmes.

These companies are being racially offensive on purpose. These are not mistakes. They are perpetually feeding the myth that it is ok to use people of colour for profit.

Let’s no longer be fooled, the apology is written alongside the ad campaign.

No matter what, I am sure of it, we will rise above this all..enough is enough!!!

No more ladders!

I used to look at life like a series of platforms. Each one separated by a ladder that you would have to climb to reach the next level.

Today I look at my life different. You see, when my platforms are separated by ladders I limit myself.

Firstly, I limit who I can take with me. I also leave everything from my previous platform in pursuit of the next.

I see my life now like one huge floor on one level with a variety of corridors and doors. Some open now, some to be opened in the future, others closed forever.

As I journey through life, I walk through doors, down corridors, experiencing life events. I am promoted when I walk through doors which have been opened up to me in season.

This sound so much better than walking up a bunch of ladders for sure!!

I am free!

John 8:32. Then the truth shall MAKE you free or is it SET you free?

You see if God were to set us free, He’s saying that the battles are external, like a prison, or a locked chain. But when he makes us free, we are instead being released from the internal struggle.

I believe God has made us free so that regardless of our challenge, wherever we are, we are always free.


The only way to build is brick by brick.

I’m no construction worker but I’m guessing that if I want to build a wall, it won’t work if I throw 5 bricks and hope they all stick and stay where they are supposed to.

It’s the same with life and the goals I set. I can only do things well one at a time.

Yesterday my task was to call up some manufacturing companies for a project I’m starting. Today, I had some calls to make to IVF clinics.

Now I could have tried to do a bunch of other tasks but I want to get things right. God will allow for the time I need but it is more important that I get it right than do it quickly.